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I just had an aha moment. Growing up I was taught to look after ones house. Yes, it is great to have a nice, clean house however where do we really live. Our bodies, right? So why do we not look after our bodies as well as we look after our houses. Most people spend time including me cleaning, decorating, cutting grass etc but fail to spend 30 minutes a day exercising or cooking a healthy meal.

Steps to a healthy body

  1. Develop Good Eating habits. Always, always eat breakfast.
  2. Drink a lot of water everyday
  3. Avoid treating your body like a trash can by not eating junk food.
  4. Perform a lot of Physical activity. Stretch your body as soon as you wake up. Also stay active through out the day.
  5. Maintain Mental fitness. Pray or meditate. Read, read, read…..Visualize living in a healthy body.
  6. Keep yourself clean.
  7. Be happy. Stay positive. Stay away from negative people and negative news
  8. Rest, by getting enough sleep
  9. Breathe. Exercise deep breathing

So, I have decided to take a 30 day challenge to a healthy body. Stay tuned …on how I will to this 30 day challenge.


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If you are like me, I have a to-do list constantly running in my head. It’s gotten so bad I have reminders to remind to check my reminders! I am so tired on my to-do list running my life; I have decided there’s got to be a better way to manage my time.

I have narrowed down my list by two questions – is it urgent or is it important? If the answer to either one of these questions is yes then it stay on the list, if the answer is no to either of the questions then its off the list. That simple, right?! Well not so much : ) The harder part of this task is defining what is truly urgent or important.

The way I see it, if you don’t take care of the urgent things, well, then you’ll have a catastrophe on your hands. For instance, if you don’t go to the gas station when your tank is on empty, you’ll run out of gas! Or, if you don’t pay you water bill on the due date, you water will be cut off. In general, there’s usually a specific and direct result if you don’t take care of the urgent tasks.

On the other hand, the important things are not so cut and dry. There are a little more subtle and sometimes can be easily over looked until they become urgent. For example, it is important to exercise and to eat well, but, if you choose not to spend thirty minutes on the treadmill today or have eat balanced meal, there is no immediate consequence. However, in the long run your health will be affected. It becomes urgent to exercise when you doctor tells you that you’re at risk for a stroke.

I remember attending a Covey Seminar on time management and it truly revolutionized the way I use and value my time. The Covey Time Matrix really forced me to analyze how I was using my time. I would challenge you to do the same.  Look at the Time Matrix below and review what you’re doing with your time. Fill the quadrants for yourself to see current Time Matrix. Do you like what you see?

Your first challenge is to identify the time thieves in your life – the items in Q3 and Q4. This basically anything that you’re wasting time on and it could be anything from mindless gossip or unproductive habits. Once you have identified your time thieves, come with a 21 day plan to eliminate these time wasters from your life. This could mean cutting down on you channel surfing – watch TV only when you’re truly enjoying it or cutting down the time you spend with people who do not add value to your life.

Your second challenge is to create a Master Plan for your life. This will help to truly determine what should be in Q1 and Q2 . This is could include

  • Your personal well being -mind, body and spirit
  • Your relationships – spouse/significant  other, child(ren), family and friends
  • Your hobbies, volunteer activities, social activities
  • Your employment – whatever your source of income is

So, what is important to you? And, most importantly how are you going to allocate time to take care of these things? At the end of the day, the items in Q1 and Q3 and their order can only be chosen by you. They have the power to determine the direction and the energy of your life. Successfully allocating time to these things impacts your happiness. Choose wisely!

Your final challenge is to stay on top of your priorities and to be aware that you need to revisit your Master Plan every so often. As anything in life, priorities change; what was important to you last year may not be so important this year. Be flexible! Continue to ask yourself…who am I? What is important to me and what am I doing about it? The answers may surprise you : )

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I love to shop and to get great deals on clothes. To me it’s like a scavenger hunt. Over the last several years I have accumulated lots of clothes but like most women, I can never seem to find anything to wear.  This is because while I have lot clothes, I haven’t done a good job of planning what I truly need when I’m shopping. I have a lot of skirts that do not have tops that go along with them and to-die-for shoes that are collecting dust. For this reason I have decided to go over my clothes and figure out what I need and how I can use what I already have. I have to rebuild my closet from scratch, starting with the necessities and work backwards from what I already have.

So here is what I have learned, your closet should be a reflection of your personality and functional to your lifestyle. Building a closet is like building a house, you have to start with the foundation pieces. Your foundation pieces are basically the staples you need in your everyday life. Staples will be different for each woman depending on lifestyle and profession. So it’s on you… what staples do you need?

Ok, I know putting it all together can be a daunting task. So here is a guide to what has worked for me for this summer.

  1. Flats: Two pairs – one pair in a natural color and another in a colorful spin.
  2. Heels/Sandals : Two pairs – one neutral and a fun summer color
  3. Blouses: I say every girl needs at two fun and flirty blouses.
  4.  Jeans:  Are a must for most people. I suggest starting with a solid dark wash that matches most things. Stick to a silhouette that matches your body type.
  5. Slacks: a pair of light-weight slacks is also a good way to spice it up.
  6. Skirts: Every woman needs at least two great fitting skirts. I am a sucker for pencil skirts.
  7. Dresses: For this summer, you can replace your LBD with a just-as-fabulous LWD!
  8. Accessories: They make huge difference to any outfit…have fun with them.

Hey, there are a lot of great summer sales out there…what are you waiting for!


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You probably remember as a child being asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or you may have seen the Gerber television commercials featuring the cutest little people who want to be our future doctors, teachers, lawyers, astronauts, musicians and architects.

As simple and cute as this question sounds in childhood, it is a serious question that we all have to answer in adulthood. Finding a career path doesn’t happen by a simple twist of fate; it is a result of preparation, planning and execution. As much time as we spend trying to find an answer to this question an equal if not greater measure of time should be spent in creating and executing a road map of how to get there.

The first step is to thoroughly do your homework. You need to understand who you are as an individual. What are your talents, what is your passion and how can you translate this into gainful employment or source of income? Once you have identified a career path, then you need to do your research on the qualifications that you will need to achieve your dream – this includes education, certifications, practical experience and any other requirements.

Create a road map indicating step by step what you will do to meet these qualifications. Refer to your road map often to mark off accomplishments and to refresh your memory – this will help you to stay on track.

The next step is to align yourself with at least two mentors – it is usually best to choose a mentor who is a couple of steps ahead of you in the same career path and another that has already achieved the pinnacle in your chosen field.

Ask them how they navigated their careers and seek their guidance to avoid pitfalls. If possible, request to shadow them on the job, so that you can gain firsthand experience of what it really takes to be successful in your field.

Lastly join and be an active member in at least one association relevant to your field – this will keep you in the know of the latest trends and it is also a great networking opportunity. The next time you wonder what you would like to be when you grow up, you will not only have an answer, but a plan to get there!

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A change in season means it’s time to spice things in up in your makeup bag.  For summer, it’s time for radiant skin, dewy blushes and a touch of color. Here are our summer favorites…they’re fast and easy and will have you out of the door in ten minutes and , of course, you will be looking gorgeous : )

  1. If you’ve layered your skin with heavy foundations during the winter, you can give yourself (and your skin) a break with Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser. It creates a flawless and dewy finish.
  2.  We’re loving L’Occitane Ultra Matte Face Fluid, if you need a light moisturizer that will let you skin breathe. It will hydrate your skin without getting it greasy (especially good if you have oily skin).
  3.  It’s amazing what a good blush can do. We’ve always loved Nars’ Multiple stick in Maui (Nars Multiple in Maui) for an instant peachy-rose radiance boost.
  4.  No one knows how to create a sweet, soft fragrance like Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh eau de toilette is light and just right for summer.
  5.  Keep your lips soft with Lucas Papaw Ointment, not only is it a great lip balm, it also works as a soother for burns, bites and bruises. Now that’s muti-tasking!
  6.  We can’t get enough of bright nail polish for the summer. Pack a punch with Illamasqua nail polish.
  7.  Nothing beats a good mascara for flirty eyes. Rimmel’s Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara is top on our list. No clumps or lumps!
  8.  Our hands down favorite for radiant glowing skin is Indian Summer Mineral Bronzing Powder from Stilla. Need we say more?
  9.  Investing in a diverse eye shadow palette is not only cheaper in the long run, but it also definitely more fun. Check out Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Island Oasis eye palette

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I find rather interesting that there has been a significant increase in memoirs and reality shows over the last five years. Every celebrity (however you define the word) has a “tell -all” book or reality show coming out. You’re probably wondering what the connection between reality shows and memoirs?! Well, the way I see it is that people want to know what other people are doing with their lives as a way to determine the success or lack of it in their own lives.

In both cases, we’re given the opportunity to take a glimpse in to someone else’s joy, fear, hope, failure, drama or triumph. We actually get to be the fly on wall! As we’re this fly on the wall, we find ourselves taking out our measuring sticks…at least I’m not as bad as fill your blank .However, sometimes the reaction is the opposite, compared to celebrities, we find that our “ordinary” lives seems to lack sparkle– there’s no bling, an entourage, cool cars or ridiculously fabulous mansions. This is when a little (or maybe a whole lot) envy creeps in. It is in our nature (and society helps) that we feel compelled to compare ourselves to others.

The unfortunate thing about comparisons is that they’re futile. Given that no two lives are or can never be the same — even for siblings or identical twins. In actuality, the basis of comparisons is NOT logical. Instead of comparing ourselves to others we can choose to admire (not envy) their achievements and apply what works in our lives or instead of judging, we can learn from their mistakes. Ultimately we should focus on what we want as individuals and how to get there : )

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Today I was feeling a little stressed out. Although my life is going welling I worry about the economy…what if I lose my job, what will I do about healthcare and my mind keeps spinning. For most people, anxiety is a never ending cycle. I like to call it “the disease that keeps on taking.” It takes away from us enjoying our lives or savoring a moment. When anxiety kicks in, it makes us feel like what joy or happiness we have in any given moment is short-lived. We have to constantly wonder when does the other shoe drop?! We find ourselves wondering what’s next, what next after this…
Anxiety also create a feeling of scarcity of time. How many times have you heard someone say, “there’re just not enough hours in a day!” The truth of matter, there is enough time in a day if we learn to focus on that day : ) Unfortunately, most of us are always busy racing into the future. Our life is really precious but at the same time fleeting. If we don’t take time to stop we miss out on life. Racing thru our lives or skimming the surface, and not living fully is in some way a cop out! It means we’re not brave enough to face today, so we choose to worry about tomorrow.
Another downside to anxiety is that it causes the immune system to slow down, fatigue, reduced blood flow and stress. It also creates tension causes us to leave the present moment and float off into the land of worry.
Now I don’t want you to start getting anxious, there is a cure for anxiety! First you have to examine what is stopping you from inhabiting this moment. What is stopping you from enjoying this moment? Then, you have to learn to mentally focus on where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re talking to. You have to literally come down to earth : )
And finally, just enjoy the moment for goodness sake!

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